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Hamper Collection
The Perfect Christmas Gift

Tinsel Treats
Red Santa Bucket

$59AUD + Freight
170g Café Adore Black Forest Delights, 100g Mac's Buttered Red Tarten Shortbread, 200g Starburst lollies, 100g Delites Rice Cheese Snacks, 120g Torina White Chocolate Hazelnut Noisettes, 160g Carmens Greek Style Yogurt & Blueberry Muesli bars, 100g Chocolate Room Hand made Rocky road, 50g Cello Wrapped Peppermint Hard Boiled Candy, 4 Pink Lady Twist Wrap Chocolate Truffles, 70g Mixed Salted Nuts, 40g Vickers Peppermint Fudge Truffles Tinsel Treats

Silver Star
Cloth lined basket

$79AUD + Freight
250g Italian Rosemary Grissini Sticks, 170g Café Adore Double Choc Delights, 200g Star Burst Mixed Lollys, 100g Sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crisps, 70g Mixed Salted Nuts, 200g Starburst Assorted Lollies, 90g Torina Choc Hazelnut Mini's, 250g Trentham Tucker Italian Nut cake, 175g Carmens Almond & Vanilla Roasted Nut Bars, 160g Hilliars Chocolate coated Ginger, 100g Delites Sour Cream & Chive Crackers, 40g Vickers Fudge Truffles, 80g Butterfingers Choc Chip Macadamia Short Bread, 50g Cello Wrapped Hard Boiled candy Humbugs, 80g Mini Christmas Pudding Silver Star

Jolly Jingles
Wooden BOX

$99 AUD + Freight
Choice of Margaret River Red Shiraz or White chardonnay, 420g Thornton & Wild Mince Pies, 150g Pure Butter Macadamia Petticoat tail Shortbread, 250g Trentham Tucker Italian Nut cake, 210g Carmens Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Almond bars, 100g Delites Sweet Chili & Sour Cream Crackers, 250g Italian Olive Oil Grissini sticks, 150g Abes salt & Vinegar Bagel Crisps, 80g Mini Christmas Pudding, 190g New Leaf Beetroot & Orange Relish, 70g Mixed Salted Deluxe Nuts, 90g Chocolate Room Hand made Rocky Road Sauce, 90g Torina Chocolate Orange Mini's, 340g Grants Scottish Raspberry Preserve, 150g Classic Continental Lemon Biscuits, 5 x Pink Lady Twist Wrap Xmas Pudding Truffles Jolly Jingles

Savoury Festive Fun
SQ White Wicker Red Lined (Medium size)

$128 AUD + Freight
Choice of WA Margaret River Shiraz or Chardonnay, 125g Tuckers Rosemary & Rock Salt Bites, 100g Delites Sweet & sour Chili Cream Crackers, 70g Salted mixed Deluxe Nuts, 125g Sesame Water Crackers, 90g Torina Choc Hazelenut Mini's, 170g Brochetta Bread Slices, 300g Beerenberg Fruit Chutney, 450g Kalamata Pitted Olives, 100g Pistachio & Cheddar bites, 290g Trentham Tucker Fig & Ginger Conserve, 530g Roasted Red Peppers, 150g Abes Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps, 300g Hells Breath Caramelized Onions, 170g Marinated Artichoke hearts, 2x Prune & Walnut Rollada Sachets, 125g French Imported Camembert Cheese, 100g Smoked Almonds Festive Fun

Sweet Frostie’s Feast
Metal Handled Wicker Basket

$129 AUD + Freight
Choice of Margaret River Red Cab Merlot or Margret river Sauvignon Blanc, 650g Big Sister Rich Rum & Brandy Christmas fruit cake, 6pk Thornton & Wild Mince Pies, 100g Delites Flame Grilled BBQ Crisps, 250g Torina Choc Hazelnut mini's, 250g Mr. Rick's Rich Chocolate Sauce, 100g Mac's Red Tartan Shortbread Shapes, 85g Chocolatier Chocolate Assortments, 150g Continental Strawberry Jam Biscuits, 175gCarmens Hazelnut & Roasted Vanilla Nut bars, 100g Italian Nougat, 50g cello Wrapped Candy Peppermint Humbugs, 70g Mixed Salted Deluxe, 340g Grants Scottish Seville Orange Marmalade, 150g Butterfingers Pure Butter Macadamia Shortbread, 135g Peanut Brittle, 5 x Pink Lady Twist Wrap Pudding truffles, 100g Russian Crumbly Fudge Frostie's Feast

Season Sensation
LGE White wicker Red Lined

$149 AUD + Freight
Choice of WA Sauvignon Blanc or Margaret River Cab Merlot, 125g Totina Choc Hazelnut Noisettes, 190g New Leaf Roasted Pear Chutney, 100g Macís Short Bread Red Tartan Shapes, 300g Corinthian Tined Chocolate Cream Wafers, 650g Big Sister Rum & Brandy Fruit Cake, 100g Delites Sour Cream & Chili Crisps, 85g Chocalatier Chocolate Assortment, 250g Mr Rick's Brandy Sauce, 4pk Big Sister Christmas Plum Pudding, 100g Savoy Cheddar & Pistachio Bites, 250g Italian Rosmery Grissini Bread sticks, 100g salted Pretzels, 340g Scottish Raspberry Conserve, 175g Boeri Cherry Liquor Chocolates, 100g Salted Cashews, 4x Pink lady Soft centered Twist Wrap Truffles, 250g Hells Breath Tomato Chutney, 125g Jared Hard Boiled Candy Humbugs Season Sensation

Santa’s Platter
WOVEN Sea grass Basket

$185 AUD + Freight
Margret River Shiraz Taylor, Ferguson Premium Brut Cuvee sparkling, 125g Original water Crackers, 300g Hells Breath Tomato Relish, 250g Italian Olive Rosemary Grissini Sticks, 170g Café Adore Black Forest Delights, 80g Mini Traditional Christmas Pudding, 135g Peanut Brittle, 70g Tamari Almonds, 125g Torina Choc Hazelnut Noisettes, 70g Japanese Rice Crackers, 70g Mixed Salted Deluxe Nuts, 100g Delites Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion Crisps, 100g Cheddar & Pistachio Savory Bites, 100g Salted Pretzels, 340g Saville Orange Marmalade Conserve, 100g Honey Roasted Peanuts Nuts, 100g Italian Nougat, 190g New Leaf Roasted Pear Chutney, Peppermint Hard Boiled Candy, 170g Ogilvie's Maraschino Cherries, 195g Carmens Almond & Hazelnut Roasted Nut Bars, 40g x 2 Vickers Peppermint Fudge Santa's Platter

Savory Xmas Delights
Large Paper Rope Basket

$198 AUD + Freight
Choice of Margret River Red/ Sparkling Taylor Ferguson Brut Curve, 150g Trentham Tucker Almond Crisp Bread, 250g Italian Rosemary Grissini Sticks, 300g Caramelized Onion Relish, 450g 6pk Thornton & Wild Mince Pies, 100g Honey Roasted Peanuts, 150g Abes Bagel Crisps Balsamic Vinegar, 125g Torina Chocolate Hazel Nut Wafer Bites, 150g Pure Butter Petticoat Tail Shortbread, 100g Maggie Beer Plum Paste, 100g French Imported Camembert Cheese, 125g Sesame Water Crackers, 530g Roasted Red Pepper Strips, 125g Tuckers Wholegrain Bites, 190g New Leaf Tomato Relish, 170g Marinated Artichoke Hearts, 100g Smoked Almonds, 100g Delites Sweet Chili Cream Crackers, 450g Pitted Kalamata Olives, 170g Café Adore Double Choc Delights, 70g Mixed Salted Nuts, 25g Honey Wheat Braided Twists, 70g Wild Onion dip, 80g Delights cheese flavor Rice Snacks, 85g Smoked Mussels Savoury Xmas Delights

Special Season Indulgence
Large Paper Rope Basket

$210 AUD + Freight
Choice of Margaret River Cab Merlot or/ White Sparkling Taylor Ferguson Brut Curve, 150g Pure Butter Macadamia Petticoat tails Shortbread, 450g 6pt Thornton & Wild Mince Pies, 250g Italian Rosemary Grissini Sticks, 175g Chocolatier Pure indulgence Chocolates, 300g Caramelized Onion Relish, 100g Salted Cashews, 100g Delites Honey Soy Chicken Crackers, 300ml Corinthians tinned Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Wafers, 400g Oglvies Rum & Brandy cake, 250ml MR Rickís Rich Chocolate Sauce, 150g Random Harvest Roasted Capsicum Mustard, 125g Sesame Water Crackers, 530g Roasted Pepper strips, 290g Trentham Tucker Raspberry & Lime conserve, 100g Japanese Rice Crackers, 70g Mixed Salted Nuts, 170g Cafe Adore Double Choc Delights, 125g Peppermint Rock Candy Jar, 125g Torina Choc Orange Minis, 115ml Oglvies Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce, 150g Classic European Espresso Mocker Biscuits, 100g Smoked Almonds, 100g Savory Pistachio & Cheddar Bites, 5x Pink Lady twist Wrap Pudding Truffles, 100g Crumbly Russian Fudge Special Season Indulgence

Fantastic Festive Banquet
White Paper rope Tray

$295AUD + Freight
1 Chandon Vintage Brute Or Margaret River Red & WA Sauvignon Blanc, 500g Mac's Embossed Tin Short Bread, 800g Big sister Traditional Pudding, 420g Thornton & Wild Fruit Mince Pies, 115 Maraschino Cherries, 450g Dark chocolate & Blueberry Bars 6pk, 175g Pure Indulgence Assorted Chocolates, 650g Big sister festive Fruit Cake, 115ml Ogilvie's Butterscotch Sauce, 300g Hells Breath Beetroot Relish, 300g Trentham Tuckers Honey Orange Blossom nut mix, 350g Corinthian Tined Chocolate Cream Wafers, 290g Trentham Tucker Fig & Ginger Conserve, 150g Abes Bagel Crisps Marlbourough Salt, 250ml Mr Ricks Rich Chocolate Sauce, 100g Ernest Hilliars Peppermint Chocolate Bites, 200g Italian Nougat slice, 140ml Garlic & Basil infused Olive Oil, 290g Aussie Bush Tomato Sauce, 170g Café Adore Black Forest Delights, 125g Torina dark chocolate Hazelnut Noisettes, 150g Delites sea salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crackers, 200g Backer boys Double choc Truffles, 125g Torina White chocolate & Hazelnut Noizettes , 100g Salted Pretzels, 7 x Pink Lady Xmas Pudding Truffles Fantastic Festive Banquet

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How to order
To make an order either call us on (03) 9428 0666 or fill out our online order form.

Please Note
• Delivery is additional.
• All prices include GST.
• Same day delivery in all metropolitan areas.
• Outer metro orders preferably made before 12 noon.
• Overnight service available in most country towns and all states.
• All major credit cards accepted.
• Company accounts, bulk orders welcomed.

Hot Weather Policy
Every effort is made to ensure that stock requested is supplied in your basket selection In periods of extremely hot weather, Sendabasket reserves the right to include non-perishable items as alternatives to those perishable items that require immediate refrigeration on delivery.

The Perfect Christmas Gift
Send-a-basket, the original and still the best, remains your guarantee of quality, value and presentation. The professional service from our helpful staff is renowned and remains a priority.

Guarantee of Quality
Send-a-basket makes your gift giving so easy. Simply make Send-a-basket your choice for a beautiful hamper. Send to family, friends, valued clients and staff. Australian products, home-made delicacies and other wonderful treats complete the range of beautiful baskets and spectacular flowers. Quality, value and style are synonymous with Send-a-basket. We deliver in all metro areas, most country towns and all states.

Dates to Remember
Mother's Day, Sunday 8th of May. Orders will need to be placed by close of business on Moday 2nd of May

Customer Advice
Same day delivery metropolitan areas Australia wide. Overnight services available to most country areas in all states. We also service New Zealand.

Styles of baskets, boxes and stock may vary according to availability. They will be replaced if necessary with an item of the same value. Only items listed are included in the price of the containers. All major credit cards accepted; company accounts, bulk orders welcomed. All prices include GST.

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